771 IND

771 IND is a free living lifestyle that encompasses outdoor sport adventure from water to land to sky. Rising above limitations, our core is that of a fortuitous vibe that you take along your bold and risk taking experience(s). It’s extreme, undirected, and boundless, originating from within and enticing the most industrious individuals. Rep life’s ride.

Client: 771 Industries
Date: 2021
Services: Logo Design


The formal logo eludes a sense of unknown and engagement to its audience, which also gives character to the company; being a foundation of personal rebel and excitement through adventurous outdoor sports and leisure. The logo is a badge of self risk, gain and surprise. There’s a secret code that only the familar can understand, an outlet and way of living to be prideful of. Flip it up, turn it upside and it creates an elite group, an industry only the daring are a part of.