Ahoy Fishing Vessel

A newly invested fishermen wanted to brand his boat to capture not only fish out at sea, but exposure back on land. With the goal to sell every catch, the client wanted a mark that you wouldn’t forget. We formally branded his boat while providing other design elements and logos for print design on clothing and products.

Client: Ahoy Fishing Vessel
Date: 2020
Services: Logo Design


A fisherman with a passion to set sail and catch to sell for a living, wanted a branded boat to make his venture not only official, but professional. Using the vessels original name, the client asked that we bring it up to date with a nautical, blue collar edge to appeal to local fishing enthusiasts and potential wholesale relationships. Fun with versatility through the use of formal and informal logo marks and graphic elements. Ultimately the designs needed to be formatted for printing on clothing so all could rock the boat.

Emphasizing on the ship’s name, Ahoy, we went with a pirate’s influence on a fish and in a nautical style. The fish represents a sense of leap above the rest and a badass nature. Because of the client’s vision to put this logo on more than just the boat, we created multiple designs to use on many platforms for both formal and informal uses.