Muscle Media Group

Muscle Media Group is a full-service digital agency providing quality media services for fitness influentials and more. With an outdated logo, they needed a mark that would be the final piece to their complete business rebrand.

Client: Muscle Media Group
Date: 2019
Services: Logo Design


Muscle Media Group is a media brand consulting agency, utilizing online platforms to build marketing communities. MMG prides themselves on customer service where your success is our success. Their specialties include every aspect of brand presence from web design, social media management, and digital collateral resources to the subtle nuances of creating positive web traffic. They specialize in Social Media Marketing, Web Development, Brand Development, SEO & SEM, Video Production, Consumer Insight, and Digital Marketing. Muscle Media Group’s goal is to make your vision reality.

Focusing in on all that Muscle Media Group has to offer as a whole, the complete logo illustrates the company’s initials MMG in a clean and bold approach. This concept emphasizes not only the brand they’ve established, but their target goal and audience. The “M” in the heart of the symbol stands for “Media,”as it nests within the greater “M” and “G” abbreviating “Muscle Group”. Each letter is interconnected working together to leave its mark with every client project, all while creating a lasting symbol with a unique message, just what the company strives to do for individuals.