Custom, Collaborative, Creative.

WebWhoa has a unique and strategic process to help you weave your company’s web to success. We take you along your individual thread to your target goals. From design file to marketing to site design, we’re with you every step of the way and web-yond.

WebWhoa is a digital design house based in Santa Rosa, California. We are your locally-remote creative team within and around Sonoma County, working to help you and all our clients achieve their goals through our expertise in design, technology, content, and marketing. We work closely with our clients to understand their company and customers in order to create quality design and marketing solutions that successfully attract and sustain business. We use the latest design and marketing tools and technologies to minimize work and maximize return.

WebWhoa was founded by Chenelle Lombard, a design hearted go-getter who believed in herself and made business official after years of education and experience in graphic design.

Chenelle grew up in Sonoma County taking every art class she could as an adolescent before understanding her ultimate career path to venture upon, graphic design. Blending a love for art and a desire to make a bold, business-savy impact, she sought to make a solid career out of the two with creativity fueling her. This, combined with an eagerness to explore outside her home town, influenced her education venture and in 2016, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Graphic Design at California State University, Sacramento. Gaining not only creative tools of success, but the confidence to succeed in design, she moved back home ready to conquer life.

As a freelancer, Chenelle has come accustomed to wearing many hats, being involved in numerous roles such as: brand consultation, brand identity design, website design, managing multiple projects, advertising, and marketing. She’s a creative problem solver, carefully combining design and marketing ideas, resulting in well formulated design solutions as she strives to help companies make bold impressions and reach their highest potential. For her, the best part of what she does is conceptually solving client’s marketing problems as she produces pieces that visually capture the eyes of targeted audiences, creating timeless and dynamic conversations.