How WebWhoa Started

WebWhoa was founded on the premise of needing transparency and reliability when working with a diverse selection of clients. From start-ups to established companies, we deliver quality design solutions that are influenced by and created for, the highest quality attention and retention by collaborating locally and continuously throughout the entire design process and thereafter. You are the driver, let us lead you to your most stylishly effective destination possible. We set the thread for you to weave your web.



I knew I was going to start a company before I knew what I loved to do. Since forever, art excited me and as I matured, I was always drawn to the details and fulfilled by the my accomplishments as a whole. I was intrigued by brands and company back stories; learning the foundations they built and expanded from in their path of success. I wanted to combine my love of art and curiosity of business and commit to a career. Creativity was instilled in me and graphic design was the way.

With plenty of freelance design gigs, an associates degree from Santa Rosa Junior College, a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design at California State University, Sacramento, internships at Visit California and Sacramento Area Council of Governments, and 5 years residing in Santa Rosa, CA, working for a local digital marketing company creating for Sonoma and Marin Counties businesses, it was time to begin my forever. I knew I had what it takes to start my own design agency with focus and results that matter most to clients. That’s where WebWhoa was created.

WebWhoa is a digital marketing & graphic design service company that creates, develops & manages custom solutions for start up and established businesses. It’s Custom, Collaborative, Creative. From design file to site design, you’ll get unique, eye catching and responsive design that you have control over. WebWhoa creates for success driven startups to established clients all wanting up-to-date design that’s simple and easy to print, post, launch, edit and upkeep. Access to a personal file library, edit training, and support all available any time and any where using cloud applications, we’re with you every step of the way and web-yond.


Our name and motive plays on the act of an elite spider, spinning its web to protect, climb, and catch. WebWhoa explained is best broken down into two words:
“Web” is the platform we create on as a digital design agency and symbolically as the creation of a spider’s web, uniquely weaved as no two pieces of work are alike.
“Whoa” is the affect you and our solutions have on those that captured by your distinguished presence, attracting your target audience by strategic planning (webbing.) 

The logo embodies a spider web within it’s lines, but also encompasses a 3D box within its shape which encases a centered “W” (for the initial letter in “Web” and “Whoa”) as well as defining the space of the company (Digital Design House) This center “W” is the target goal for all companies as each outer web or process is unique with every brand and design project at hand. The overall mark eludes a strategically thought process, aesthetically designed preciseness, and a target centering a solution as the client, with WebWhoa, takes the role of the spider weaving and aiming with every design thread, to capture their specific audience.

The spider, YOU, is the ultimate symbol of creativity. It shows its power in the way it spins its web. The spider is also aggressive and you can see its aggression in the way it traps prey. A web consists of a spiral supported on cross links and the symbolism of the spiral is related to his “Individuation Process.” No two spider webs are the same and the intricacy of this creation always fascinates and baffles humans. In this sense, the spider is a weaver of illusion. 

Happy Webbing,
Chenelle Lombard
Founder, WebWhoa